I am Job Abraham Gutierrez, licensed real estate sales associate. You can check my license status with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation through the following website DBPRI have the capacity, strategy and customer service experience that you need to comfortably sell, purchase or lease your real estate property.

     I promise you that my expertise in customer service, will make our time productive from the beginning to end of the real estate transaction. With more than 6 years of customer service experience, working as an assistant manager for Little Caesar’s Pizza to working as an arrival attendant at the multimillionaire property, the Regalia Condominium. I have dealt with all types of personalities in all types of settings. While I worked for the Regalia Condominium I earned recognition in the ”Own It” category for outstanding service provided to customers. Constructively,  I have mastered my communication skills, and learned that customer loyalty is earned by delivering a great service to them.

     I worked in the sales department for Wyndham Destinations and Holidays Lounge.  Where I learned marketing and sales strategies; which helped me create campaigns to market different types of customers and sale a service to them. While I worked for Holidays Lounge, I earned recognition as the ”MVP”(most valuable player) of the month, for taking the most challenging leads and still being able to find a deal and sale a service to them. Therefore, you can be secure that I will create campaigns to sale your property quickly.

I will find the best deal for you. I have been living around Florida’s south cities; which have made me an area expert. Whether it is the temple, school, hospital, shopping center, night club, highway where you prefer to live close by. I will be ready to guide you in your real estate goals.

     Effectively, I have the area expertise, communication skills, and professionalism to make you experience a smooth and easy real estate transaction. Therefore, you can trust your real estate sale, purchase or lease with me.