$100 Credit Your Favorite Store!

Tired of your neighbors? Your girlfriend wants to move out with you? Are you a college student and just want a bedroom with a shared kitchen? Is your job too far from where you live? Was your child deployed for military service?  Your roommate left, now you have to pay the full rent?  Your child went out of state for college? You just have an extra room no one uses?

If your answer is YES, don’t wait anymore.

I am giving 100 cash or gift card to everyone who is looking to rent an apartment, townhouse, house, mobile house or anyone who may have an extra room and wants to rent it.

For Tenants (potential renter)


  1. Contact me and mention the ”$100 Credit ad”.
  2. Have funds ready, depending on your housing budget: security deposit, first month and last month.
  3. We will search the real estate market and decide on the home you like.
  4. After deciding on your home, you should obtain all documentation: Copies of the most recent 3 pay stubs, credit report and score, reference letters,  background check (police report) depending on association or landlord requirement.
  5. Once, you sign all documentation, keys have been given to you and you move in. I will give you $100 cash to spend at your favorite store.

Landlord (property owner)


  1. Contact me and mention the ”$100 Credit ad”.
  2. I will post your property in the real estate market.
  3. I will find a tenant (renter) for your property.
  4. Once the tenant (renter) provides all necessary funds, moves in, landlord and tenant have signed all documentation. I will give you $100 cash or gift card to spend at your favorite store.

Valid until 12/11/2022. Rules are subject to change at any given point during promotion period. You must mention the $100 credit on our first communication contact. Be aware that the $100 cash or gift card will only be given if we successfully complete a real transaction together.